So if you don’t want read about periods … Stop reading!

Well today I got a period and its hell … After being of the implant for six months my period is regular woo joy! 

I feel as if I’m a little mutant devil snapping everyone’s heads off, we went to see finding dory today but every thing just pissed me off, the children the packets the people taking photos during the film (oh that’s a whole other story 😡)the bloated tired mummy was exactly that!

Tonight it’s mummy bath night fingers crossed!


What a dull day


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I had ambitions of the great out doors today, nope, didn’t happen.

 Mr man is a very lively active 14 month old so he went a little crazy from being in all day as did I because there only so many sponge bob square pants I can watch with out melting into a pool of brains 😁 … Big miss went to her nana today, it’s nice to have a break!
I got some sorting and filing like proper adult, even did our taxes the other day (I know we were cutting it)

I have my fingers toes anything crossed that tonight mr man will sleep! 

Last night


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This angel … Was awake at 12 3 and 6 hello sleep regression!! My lovely partner takes most of the brunt of this as I’m an awful little bear when I miss sleep but still, wow that boy can scream and I know we’ve done the wrong thing by bringing him in the bed ( we’re hanging to the sides and and is longways between us) but we want peace, as I type he little angel now is taking his one and only nap before destruction rains again in the household 👿

Shit on the floor

No literally shit on the floor, mr blue eyes butter wouldn’t melt took his nappy off and pooed on the floor and proceeded to rub it in our carpet (no photographic evidence) I have lovely heart warming moments posted on my Instagram but what really makes a person a great parent is how you handle when someone shits on your carpet, honestly I felt like crying and strangling my daughter who was also indicating that the baby was pooing on the floor “EWWW THERES POO ON THE FLOOR” but I didn’t and I want a badge!

I love my family but

This happens multiple times a day most days a week… And as I’m writing this the smaller one is screaming “no nanas” (bananas the lack of) and the other one hates me because of well most things like asking to put a dish in the sink or you know anything, when’s wine a’clock ? But then this happens …

And I realise there not that bad … Then 

I’m on a roundabout guys!

Seven years


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I’m In one month 4 weeks and two days I’ll be in my seventh year of parenting.

This miss is my first 

After seven years of parenting I’m am constantly learning from my mistakes, consistently questioning my self then 14 months ago I have the second and he has turned the world upside down these babies are so alike in many ways but so different I’ve decided now to chronicle my adventures online.